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   Hi, I am Jon Perry and I am a luthier of Handmade Custom Ukuleles located in Bradenton, FL. As a musician and someone who has worked with wood since I was young, I began creating Ukuleles several years ago.  Having previously built electric basses and guitars along with fine cabinetry, I decided to start  crafting acoustic stringed intruments. I studied the construction and design required to build Ukuleles. Investing in some more equipment and specialized tools, I began creating exotic wood custom handmade Ukes.  Constructing primarily Tenor size, I select individual pieces of wood based on the tonal qualities, as well as their inherent beauty as exotic woods.

   Each Uke has an individually choosen  combination of woods. Some of the exotic woods used include:  Koa, Myrtlewood, Quilted Sycamore, Mahogany, Maple, Mango, Walnut, Macassar Ebony, Redwood, Sitka Spruce and others. These may come in quilted, figured or spalted varieties. The beauty of these woods adds to the unique character of looks and sound of each Uke I hand craft. No two Ukes are the same. You can be confident you have one of a kind if you own a Pereyra Uke.

   I use a few different designs, like the Kasha braced dual soundhole style as shown to the left, to standard braced, center soundhole type you are familiar with. Headstocks can be made standard or slotted. Necks are generally constructed of Honduran Mahogany, or birdseye maple with Indian Rosewood fingerboards. I recently aquired a limited amount of some very rare, 100 to 200 year old 'sinker' Caracolillo Honduran Mahogany, retrieved from a river bottom in Belize. This is a very beautiful and rare chocolate colored variation of Honduran Mahogany. This characteristic only occurs after many years exposed to the elements in the tropical river bottoms. Only a small amount of the logs will become Caracolillo, and even then, it may only be parts of the log. I will be using this wood in some upcoming exotic Ukes yet to be designed.

   I use only top quality materials, including Gotoh tuners and carbon rods for neck reinforcement. I radius the fretboards for a smoother, more comfortable feel.

   Please check back soon for the latest updates of finished Ukes. I am revising this website and will post new photos as they become available. I am currently selling the Ukes locally, but I am exploring other options also.

Thanks and keep the music flowing!

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Ebony back

Ebony side


Mango Back

Mango Front



Kasha Front
Kasha Side
Kasha Back

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